Welcome to the GreenRegio Project Website!

GreenRegio stands for ‘Green building in regional strategies for sustainability: multi-actor governance and innovative building technologies in Europe, Australia and Canada’, a 3-year CORE-INTER research project funded by the National Research Fund Luxembourg (FNR) and the German Research Foundation (DFG). The project is hosted by the University of Luxembourg (lead) and the University of Cologne.

GreenRegio’s main research objectives are to understand how innovations towards low-carbon economies in the building sector come into being and develop over time in selected city regions using the examples of Brisbane (AUS), Freiburg (GER), Luxembourg (LU) and Vancouver (CA).

This website presents project information, ongoing activities, and research findings and will keep you updated over the 3-year span of the project (July 2013 - June 2016) and beyond.

If you wish to share information or discuss the project please feel free to contact us.

Final book publication


The project’s empirical findings, its conceptual reflections, and its methodologies are summarised in our final book publication:

Affolderbach, J. and Schulz, C. (2018) Green Building Transitions: Regional Trajectories of Innovation in Europe, Canada and Australia. The Urban Book Series. Cham/New York: Springer.