GreenRegio Workshop 12.02.2014

June 01, 2015 Bérénice Preller

The third GreenRegio Workshop took place in Freiburg on February 12, 2014 at the Green City Hotel Vauban.

Following the same methodology as in our other case study regions, a group of architects, representatives of the utility sector, the municipality and the municipal housing association, as well as academics gathered to share their experience and thoughts on the specific context for Green Building in Freiburg.

The project team further took the opportunity to familiarise itself with some of the achievements of Freiburg within the Green Building sector:

The Vauban neighbourhood, developed from the late 1990s onwards on the former site of the french military presence in Freiburg:

Different retrofitting projects to passive house standards on high rise social housing in the Weingarten neighbourhood:

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