GreenRegio Workshop 29.01.2014

May 27, 2015 Bérénice Preller

On Wednesday, January 29, 2014 the second workshop for the GreenRegio project took place at the University of Luxembourg. Government officials, representatives from NGOs and professional unions, developers, architects, and researchers were present to share their views and experience on the specific context for sustainable building in Luxembourg.

The 30 participants took part in a lively ‘World Café’ and discussed key themes in smaller groups, focusing on the identification of important actors and organizations, the institutional setting in which sustainable building in Luxembourg takes place, identifying important projects but also possible barriers and obstacles for current and future developments in green building.

The workshop was followed by a site visit to the Solarwind office building in Windhof, Luxembourg. The carbon neutral wood building, finalised in 2012, was built according to the ‘4P’ concept of 'People, Planet, Profit' – mirroring the 3 pillars of sustainable development – but also adding the fourth dimension of 'Pedagogy'. As such, the complex offers a self-led educational tour as well as guided site visits. This approach has led to the experiment of testing the compatibility of different certification schemes in practices through the adoption of three schemes: the French HQE, the German DGNB and the British BREEAM.

To reach its carbon neutrality, the building combines the use of energy saving technologies with the production of renewables, including wind and solar, as well as geothermal and biomass energy. The interior fitting was mainly designed according to the ‘cradle-to-cradle’ philosophy and furnished with recycled materials.

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